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True pioneers often set out with limited resources, no clear path and no instructions.  Nonetheless, they move boldly forward. In 1984, the Urban Justice Center (UJC) began in much the same way:  working from a burned-out building in East Harlem with almost no funding. They arrived at soup kitchens, jails and shelters – places others would not go – and set up free legal clinics. Today, in spite of social opposition and division, they remain champions of change. The UJC will continue to uplift, nurture and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

The UJC is a not-for-profit advocacy organization with a unique platform that combines radical freedom with necessary support. UJC’s anchor projects must raise their own operating funds, but then have virtually complete freedom in directing their programs – including, hiring, methods, goals, and daily management. The UJC currently houses twelve projects and employs a staff of over 200 lawyers, researchers, social workers and advocates. Our projects have a long history of making serious impacts on behalf of a wide array of poor and disenfranchised populations. The Social Justice Accelerator is the UJC’s next major project.

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